New Cholesterol Screening Guidelines

The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute in conjunction with the AAP have now recommended that all children between the ages of 9 and 11 be screened for high cholesterol.  In the past, it was recommended that children only needed to be tested if there was a family history of high cholesterol or vascular heart disease.  Because it is now known that problems with high cholesterol begin at a young age, but do not show up as heart disease until much later, these recommendations are now being made.  Heart disease due to high levels of bad cholesterol is a condition passed down from parent to child, but the previous way of screening missed too many at risk kids.  Discovering the problem early can lead to efforts to improve healthy diets and exercise, and possibly involve the use of cholesterol lowering medications if the problem is severe enough.

At Lakewood Pediatrics we will be offering the cholesterol test to children at their 10 year old physical.  We invite parents to let us know of any concerns regarding family history of heart disease, or the need for testing for their children.

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