It’s Physical Time.

It’s summertime, the weather’s warm, and school is out.  It is a good time to think about the annual physical, or Health Exam, as we call it.  This is a perfect time if your child has not had a check up in the past year or two.  You might ask why, so here are a few reasons.

Your child might need one anyway.  Many sports and camp programs require a physical for participation.  As it gets closer to school enrollment, more and more parents begin to realize this, and then all of a sudden our schedules fill up, and choice of appointments become limited.  Coming in early will get this done and out of the way with the least anxiety.  Don’t worry if you do not have the necessary forms yet, as we can always fill them out later for you.

If your child is at one of those transitional ages, he or she might need some immunizations in addition to the check up.  This usually comes at first school entry (kindergarten), age 11, and at entry to high school or college.  Educational institutions usually require proof of these shots for admission.

Annual physicals are a great time to ask those health questions that have been bothering you all year.  In addition to listening to your heart and lungs, we review developmental stages, check growth, discuss safety issues, mental health, and screen for any age specific important health topics.  The field of children’s health care is constantly changing, and new recommendations are always coming out.  And we welcome your questions about anything that has to do with your child’s life.   The annual physical is a comprehensive review of your child’s well being, a tune up for the body and mind.

Avoid the September rush.  If it has been more than 1 or 2 years since your child’s last check up, our receptionists are ready to take your call.

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